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tv   News 5 Today at 430am  NBC  February 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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(surf music) (w (woman squeals) (audienclaht(wan squeals (woman seals) (audience laughter)
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(aiencughter and alause) (funk music) nextremehat litt dutch boy who put his nger in the dike? he grew up to one of ournksters. go get 'em, lars. (ragme music (runng water) (audience ughter) (audiee lauger) (boi)
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oing) (audience laughter) (bng) (audience laughter) (audience laught andpplause) (funk music) xt, here's brannew technogy wead a hd inevopg. lapsands how'd we do it? well, we faked it of crse. (audience laughter (rk sic)
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(cell phonrings)
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(audienc (aience ughtnd alae) (funk music)
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(funmusic) xt, wh do crld ing enfoent do in retiment? theyo roe. (crash) and have a smashing go te. (upbeat blues piano playing)(audienclaughter) les)
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(crash)rash) (old man laughing) (audience laughing) (crash) (crash) (audience lahter) (old lghing) (crash) (audience laughter) (crash (crash) (old man lauing) (audience laughing)
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(funk music) is next prk is bit of azler, caing our bystanders to go to pces. literally. (audience laughter) (rock music) (cera k) (audncught
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(camera clk) (audience ughter)
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(funk music) next, we fnde byande to help prank a policema but ally t jokesn th. please peopl leave the pranking to professials. wing music) oud po (audnclaught) (loud pop) udience laughter) (ld pop) (loud p d car honk
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,, ou (loupop) (audience lauger and applause) (fk mu nextpeop in glass hous shouldn'throw stones. and, pple in our pranks, shouldn't throw glasses. (audience laughter) (ragtime music) (audnce laught) (glass shattering) (glasshatterg) (audnce lauger) lass shattering) ssha (audiee lauger) (glass shattering) - hey! udience laughter)
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hey! (audnce ughter) (audience (audienclaughter a applae) [voiceov] more gag coming up rit after this. (funk musi (fmusic) how fara g'rgo 're going out in an hour... gra elies yost lergmptoms timehan aritin allegra gelcaps. just fast. allra fas did you kn pn is caused by aggravated nerv? aspercreme wh lidoine sensizes aravated nees with nodor. aspercreme with lidocaine. relieve e nerves.
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to truly feel healthy on the outsiyou have to feel healthy. your core. trubiotics a prootic from one a day naturally helps support both ur digestive and health by comng . two type good bacteria trubiotics. berue your heal ounext iis a genuine "ne your price" tool. this highly sought-after device from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving iaw for just 3 easy payments of4.99 plus tax! e lines e blowing up! we've godeborah fr poughkeepsie. flo: ah, no, it'slo. u guys realize anyone cae the "nyource" tool ee rit? [ la nervously ] pickwhines i ow, it'sikethey're alwatelevision.
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,,,,,, e back. hey, you know that good feengou get, when you do mething nice for a tot stranger? well, this guy complely ruins theeli.
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this next chicken g is finger-lickinfunny. soget ready to sta clucking yr drum sticks off. (audience laughter) (country music) hicken cluck) hickenck) (chicken cluck) (audience laughter) (chicken clucking) (audience lauger hick cluing) ielaht ck clucking) (audience lahter)
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(audience ughter andpp (funk music) rp, it'srand newar. ri, she's not digging it. goodhing ts guy has a ckp plan. (ragtime mic)
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(aienc (audience lahter and applause) (funk music) next, it's time to toy with somshoppersin a gag that's for ages three a up... to like 83. (audienclauger)
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udienc (audience laughter a a (funk sic)
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(fk mu rel itelf. sctch relief. wier relief. th's gold bond medicad tion relf. five moisturizs extra streth ch figer. gold bond relief starts now. giving peoploptions based on their budgets pretty edgy... kind of like this look i'calling the"name your priceool" phase
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welcome back. and nally,his car haa real beastnder the eine. let's see what this baby will do. (audiencughter (rtime mic (cell phonring (audielaughter) (growling)(gro) (woman squls)ro) (woman squeals) (audience laughter) (growl) omancrea) (audnce laughter) (gwl) (ance laughter) (groin (gro)
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well, thatur sw. thanks for watching andwel see you next te. (advus mus mm moy! it's ov!
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narrator rror: rn please do natmpy tivits prented in thish. th are daers ulcae seris inju.
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come? man: who man: whoa! narrat: "what went down." at wt ttle bit of th... man: [bleep]! narratora little bit of that... tryo avth oh, [blp]! oa! ator: and end ... ye, pretty much wastin everyone's time. untisoone reventthe wheel,e're stuck with all these rounones. towe hav our top wildel ments. number 5this is "fall , givep." ddan to be a motro rstar. jusa few in geing in his , t lent woman:oh. you all right? you algh
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narratornot ev pain. tooo todd: h... rrator: eh, maybe oh. narrator: todd, if you practice enough... ahem. uh, nothing wi getn your w. todd: it's my [bleep]om mother: what did you just do?narror: not even your mom. todd: m going gr it again. boy: your mom's right ther narrator: good for you, todd. just kp going. boy: yr dad's co. narrat: let the drdie, toddhope i don't sound cold en i say ts, but brr! ew! this i"colfront." oday good dayor sg. sun shing... the snow
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joshrs from fee blindn josh: watch out! naatorhe's goodude. jo: watch out! narrator: but a rrible neighbor. eakingf terribleeighbors. ff: oh! rrator: jeff just lowered the property val of that cabin. : gh oh narrator: ye, i wouldn'buy p. youk? rrkyle g a newor hirthday. kyle: oh, [bleep]! n:a narrator: ooh. what smok kyle: whoo! oh, [ble]! uh, wellha rthday, ky can get prettyeird pretty quou take every in yourunk folder seriolythis is "you've got fail." n:rgh! narrat: jimmy wants to be a


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